Technical Assistance

Information Technologies Servicing and Maintenance Agreement

Technical problems arise due to various causes in Information Technology Systems of nowadays.

Furthermore, connection to external factors (web, email, USB memory, user mistakes, problems due to network, software or operating systems) by computers fitted out with complex features, causes frequent failures in the devices due to problems such as performance losses, data losses, virus entry.

The pose of computers due to various reasons may cause serious time and work losses.

A permanent support is needed for sound system operation, data backup, user information, controlled Internet use, physical backup of critical devices etc.

Corporate Information Technologies Service and Assistance Contracts is the name given to the solution of these needs.

We perform regular routine controls at our clients, who make Information Technology Service Agreement to minimize the troubles, which may arise. Despite all measures, problems may still arise.

When a trouble is experienced; we solve and apply it in the most adequate and rapid way in or out of working hours, as per the trouble and solution.

Intervention term and working hours may change in the Information Technology Service Agreement as per the needs and choices of the client.

The working hours may be Intervention 7/24 or within the working hours. The intervention time may vary between 2 hours and 24 hours as per the needs and choices of the client.

In every type of agreement, we intervene within the shortest notice in any problems affecting the whole office such as server, firewall or network problems and work 7/24 to solve the problem.

The maintenance agreement is the service of proper installation and performance adjustment of computer hardware (Server, PC, lab top, tablet etc), operation systems, peripheral units, network systems, back-up systems as well as intervention in case of troubles.

Who should make an Information Technologies Service Agreement?

Every business, which cares about trouble free operation of their computers and peripheral units and does not want suffer loss of time, business and Money occurring in case of problems, should make a service agreement regardless of their computer number.

What is the advantage of making an Information Technologies Service and Maintenance Agreement?

Our clients, who have an Information Technologies Service and Maintenance Agreement, are our priority clients. Among our Telephone, Remote Desktop Connection and on the spot services we select the most rapid and solve the problems of our customers. Our teams visit periodically our clients and check the systems. The potential business loss of our customers due to Information Technology troubles is minimized. In accordance with the chosen back-up strategy, the data is regularly and automatically back-up. The back-up registries are permanently checked; in case of trouble they are reported. Briefing meetings are organized regularly on technologic developments and snapshot state of the system. Our clients may purchase their technology products from our firm under the best conditions, with special discounts and payment terms.

How to start the Service Agreement?

The demands of the client are heard during the first interview; then analysis and exploration is performed. As a result of these works, a technical report is prepared about the system state and what is needed to be done.

Later an agreement, including a short system inventory is drafted; if the agreement is approved, the technical staff executes a detailed work on the business computers.

As a result of such work, a detailed system inventory and software license list is issued and such lists are continuously updated. Starting this date, we assist rapidly on the spot in any problems encountered.

Personnel in Client Premises

This is the service model where, our expert technicians remain at the client office in certain days of the week. This service model also called outsourcing is chosen by companies, who need focused and immediate technical assistance.